Keep them coming back
For more.

A Matter
of Trust

Building a base of loyal customers takes time, but it helps to have the insights to understand and empathize with them. You need to know enough about their successes and challenges to be able to serve them properly.

The trust that results from maintaining good customer relations will help your company to:
   Develop and maintain customer loyalty
   Increase revenue
   Increase your efficiency in responding to issues

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Improve customer loyalty
and retention rates

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Increase revenue across
your entire customer base

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Boost productivity and
efficiency of your existing

Data Intelligence for
Recurring Revenue

Getting renewals from customers is the name of the retention game. It starts with a proper assessment of the services provided to the customer and getting a handle on their level of satisfaction. Tracking this with digital tools, BayInfotech can help you increase your customer renewals and keep your revenue at expected levels.

Offerings Renewals Renewals Plus
Annual Health Checks Check
Annual Health Checks Check
Annual Voice Of The Customers Check
Coating & Pricing Check Check
Renewal Execution Check Check
Data Triggers Expiration Date, EOL Dates, Customer Contract History, Industry/Sector Profile. Expiration Date, EOL Dates, Customer Contract History, Industry/Sector Profile, Contract Start Date, Renewal likelihood/riskUpsell & Account Expansion

Reports and Insights Renewals Renewals Plus
Ability to compare performance by segment Check Check
Analysis on why customers choose to renew or cancel Check Check
Historical performance-based forecasting Check Check
Enhanced forecasting through health based indicators Check
Voice Of the customer for product/services Check
Health checks for customer health risks Check

Results Your Business Can Count On

  • Improve customer
    renewal rates
    by as much as

  • Uncover millions of
    dollars in new quarterly
    revenue opportunities

  • Increase customer
    lifetime value


why choose bayinfotech ?

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), BayInfotech provides sustainable solutions that can support your organization for many years. Our strategic approach in dealing with our clients' business challenges is centered on improving your business operations without adding IT personnel or infrastructure.