The Value of Managed

The trend toward software control of IT functions can be seen in the ubiquity of virtual machines and the increased adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) for the local area network. These same concepts are now being applied to long-distance networks. A software approach to networking offers far greater agility than the cumbersome configuration management of firmware-based equipment in traditional networks.

Now imagine a network infrastructure that can run any application on any connection medium. Imagine a networking world where network operators can program large infrastructures across vast distances with the click of a mouse on a single computer screen. Software-centric networks are the wave of the future. With BayInfotech SD-WAN, it's never an "either/or" proposition: the choice is yours.

BayInfotech Managed SD-WAN delivers cost-effective and feature-rich solutions for your enterprise applications.

You'll benefit from our technology that seamlessly and securely interoperates with other BayInfotech WAN solutions-and it's all managed and supported 24/7 by certified engineers in our global network operations centers.

Innovative, secure, and
fully managed.

Securing Your Application

We at BayInfotech understand that improving the speed and reliability of software is not enough. Without proper security, your application infrastructure is vulnerable to all the potential attacks and weaknesses that may accompany software deployments. Our IT security professionals are happy to take the time to discuss the particular security needs of your network.

Let's face it. It's a dangerous world, and virtual environments are subject to all kinds of malware and the bad intentions of those who would intrude upon your infrastructure. Managed SD-WAN offers the added benefit of well-defined security policies based on the nature of the network traffic. The ability to identify data by its source, destination, application, or users means that we can help your organization control all the data that passes through your network. SD-WAN does a better job at protecting IP traffic than traditional WAN.


As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), BayInfotech provides sustainable solutions that can support your organization for many years. Our strategic approach in dealing with our clients' business challenges is centered on improving your business operations without adding IT personnel or infrastructure.