Compute, Storage & Network
in One Package

Think of how your smartphone handles calls, internet, music, photography and more. That is convergence. When two or more technologies are combined into a single device. BayInfotech and Cisco partner to bring you HyperFlex technology. Moving from the past of routers, switches, servers, storage drivers and other devices as separate units, many of which often required the specialized support from highly trained IT professionals. HyperFlex consolidates these technologies and puts it altogether in one nice package.

Any application

Cisco’s hyperconverged infrastructure matches the speed of your business. Launch standard enterprise operations, or implement containerized microservices for any platform.

Any cloud

Cloud mobility is part of the deal with Cisco Hyperflex. You’ll find tools for deployment, monitoring, and placement of your applications across multiple cloud provider networks.

Any scale

Engineered on the Cisco Unified Computing System™, Cisco Hyperflex is agile and scalable, offering your IT infrastructure greater resiliency. And you can pay as you grow.

Cisco Hyperflex, as implemented by BayInfotech, means no more silos - no more separation between infrastructure capabilities. Convergence is about bringing functionalities together into one integrated system. The traditionally distinct areas of IT - compute, network, and storage - have all been brought together using scalable processors to deliver power and simplicity for any application, on any cloud, at any scale. Hyperflex includes an integrated network fabric and powerful data optimization features, making it a complete end-to-end solution.
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Ready for
any Application

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Any Cloud

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Any Scale

Have you taken advantage of the new advances in converged networks? BayInfotech, a Cisco partner, is on the cutting edge of this technology. Contact us! We would be happy to discuss your goals and how we can help.


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