BayInfotech offers a flexible Collaboration Solution that can help improve connections within your organization. How your people connect with each other and the resources they need to carry out their work is important. We have a fully managed Cloud-based collaboration solution that showcases our extensive experience in software development, networking, and the cloud. BayInfotech is also in partnership with some of the biggest names in the IT industry like Cisco, RedHat and others that have worked with and participated in a number of projects that have yielded great results.

The BAYINFOTECH Collaboration Solution Guarantee

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What makes a good business? It can be a powerful product or an award-winning service. Whatever it is that makes a business so successful is best when it is shared. With business collaboration, working with different vendors or service providers holds a promising future for your business, especially when you are running a mid-size business that does not have enough resources to support your project needs. This is why BayInfotech developed a system where our clients are welcome to collaborate with each other and expedite the process of achieving each other's goals.


CloudVivo is BayInfotech's customer-facing platform for Cloud managed hosted collaboration services.

Together, we have developed a strong Collaboration Solution which offers:

  • Cloud-Based Enterprise Communication Solutions.
  • Hosted PBX Platform for Small/Medium Size Businesses.
  • VOIP Cloud-Based Offerings with Cisco HCS.

By integrating BayInfotech's Collaboration Solution into your business, you are guaranteed:

  • Fast and secured access to cloud-based applications and data.
  • Reliable and cost-effective communication solutions through our CloudVivo platform.
  • Lowering or totally eliminating the revenue spent on the resources you need, which we can provide.
  • Flexibility and scalability for seasonal projects.
  • Improved user experience and better workflow via real-time access to tools and resources that increase productivity.
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