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Businesses have a need for speed. Managers no longer have the patience for the slow processes of the past. In this digital age, it makes no sense to continue to employ people in repetitive, routine tasks. Network engineers, almost working themselves out of a job, have automated their own tasks to make IT infrastructure faster and more efficient. If your company wants to keep up with the competition, the answer is clear. You need to automate your services, and BayInfotech, a Cisco partner, can help you do just that.


Real-time Analytics

BayInfotech has many tools to build your network services automation. With Cisco analytics software, you can intelligently analyze data anywhere. You can unlock your data gain valuable insights to inform real-time decisions.



Embrace Cisco's model-driven telemetry and you can leave SNMP as a distant memory. It's time to change paradigms. Data modeling will help you really know what's going on with your network.



Developing, deploying, and managing services across multiple vendor environments can be a challenge. Network orchestration offers the speed and efficiency of real-time automation for growing networks.

Programmable Networks with APIs

Today's applications are changing our daily lives. But our apps are depending more and more on the network. The good news is that developers have found that the network itself is programmable. Using application programming interfaces (APIs), network engineers in this age of programmability have made the network a platform for innovation. As their skillset evolves, they are finding more ways to optimize applications on the network. This results in greater network performance and security, more value added services, differentiation in quality of service (QoS), and a whole new field of endeavor: NetDevOps.


The configuration of network devices can be very complicated. In the past, engineers would copy configuration files from one machine to another rather than start from scratch. Or they would save snippets of code for future use. Network automation goes beyond that. It streamlines best practices and creates virtual network components in an instant. It monitors and manages geographically-separated infrastructure and views it as one. BayInfotech's implementation of Cisco automation minimizes costs and speeds the rollout of services.

Make manual processes a thing of the past. BayInfotech offers Cisco products and solutions to automate your network infrastructure. We are ready and able to assist you with the latest in automation. Contact us! We would be happy to discuss your goals and how we can help.


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