Traditional parameter-based security is not enough. The volume of information passing through our data portals these days is so vast that we need something better, more effective. We need analytics. Cisco has put together the Tetration appliance as a sophisticated tool to handle this huge traffic flow. This holistic workload protection strategy not only detects server vulnerabilities, but it also identifies application behavioral anomalies. Cisco Tetration, an offering of BayInfotech gives you state-of-the-art network flow management at your fingertips.

Machine Learning

The data analysis provided by artificial intelligence is miles ahead of the manual processes of the past. Machine learning is iterative, which means it repeats operations and procedures to gain insights from IT data flow. Tetration works for any environment, whether it’s bare metal, virtualization, or the cloud.

Behavior Analysis

So what is Tetration looking for in all this in-depth investigation? Anomalies. Errors. Vulnerabilities. Tetration checks historical databases for flow records that are not quite right. And it scans networks and systems in real-time to detect intruders or misbehaving software. It’s hard to put anything past this security system.

Intelligent Algorithms

Tetration gathers a lot of data and crunches a lot of numbers. To do that, it uses smart formulas, or algorithms, devised by Cisco’s capable engineers. The initial process of collecting, calculating, and analyzing can take 10 minutes or less. It’s all math made easy, by the Tetration software.

There are many facets to Cisco Tetration Analytics. And BayInfotech is here to help you with them all. Application dependency mapping handles disaster recovery and integration. Automated policy recommendation handles whitelisting of software components. And then there’s application segmentation, policy export, compliance, asset tagging, visualization, and dashboard creation, as well as various applications that work within the Tetration framework. Tetration uses flow agents to tag and track data in both virtual and physical network devices. These agents report back from various points as part of a vast collection system that feeds into Tetration. The result is an analytical system that provides users with the insights they need to protect, optimize, and manage their networks. And these insights can transform your business. Just try it and see.

Make manual processes a thing of the past. BayInfotech offers Cisco products and solutions to automate your network infrastructure. We are ready and able to assist you with the latest in automation. Contact us! We would be happy to discuss your goals and how we can help.


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