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San Francisco, CA 05/01/2019

Job Description:

A professional who possesses knowledge of each browser's quirks and is able to create websites that appear and work well on equipment ranging from a Mac computers to Windows-based PCs to mobile devices.

This person will be responsible for assisting in creating new websites, applications and widgets.

This person will also be responsible for the daily care and feeding of the public portals and will play an essential role in developing cutting edge web sites as part of United's new digital media platform.

Essential Functions | Produce clean, error-free code for public-facing website, web applications, or widgets. 

This candidate will be working on the Global Expansion team. They will be helping the team launch client into new countries and new markets. 
• Enabling the Globalization of the current website 
• Contributing to the 
client UI Platform by adding i18n-focused components 

Top Requirements: 
1. Strong JavaScript skills. Backbone.js and general MVC concepts a plus. 
2.Strong HTML skills. Semantic HTML. Responsive web techniques. 
3. Strong CSS skills. LESS/SASS a plus. Media queries and mobile web experience would be great. 

Backbone.js, Dust.js templates 

Day to Day:
They will be responsible to build new components to enable the globalization of the client experience. Additionally, they will be responsible for building localized content for the new market we enter.