Managing Software

The complexity of having so many IT systems in your infrastructure can be a lot to handle. Sometimes your software just keeps multiplying, and despite your best efforts, it gets harder and harder to manage. What do you do? This may seem strange, but why not let all your software be managed by other software? Cisco has come up with their Workload Optimization Manager for such a task. It is easy to use, and it provides end-to-end coverage of your IT ecosystem, from legacy to big data. It's time to let software manage the software.


Like many of Cisco's products, CWOM uses automation to make the best of existing resources. With automated workload placement, scaling, and capacity, CWOM helps assure performance and maximize the efficiency of IT infrastructure.


CWOM helps take some of the mystery out of the cloud by tracking, reporting, and identifying trends in your computer, storage, and database consumption. You can manage and deliver different service levels across zones and regions based on CWOM metrics.


Even with a multi-cloud environment, CWOM can help you reduce costs by automatic scaling of cloud resources. It can suspend or terminate unused instances and identify "ghost" devices in your system. CWOM will also help by aggregating monthly bills and projecting total costs.

Data center workloads are growing at 26% every year. Cisco Workload Optimization Manager, a product offered by BayInfotech, is an excellent solution to help manage your growing cloud and virtualized environments. It's easy to install, and it will go to work right away to detect all the elements in your environment, from applications to individual components. Cisco has different editions to meet the particular needs of your enterprise, and getting started is easy. CWOM is a real-time decision engine that offers elastic infrastructure at scale. And it can distribute the resources your applications need when they need them. It's time to let the software do the work of managing your IT workload.

Make manual processes a thing of the past. BayInfotech offers Cisco products and solutions to automate your network infrastructure. We are ready and able to assist you with the latest in automation. Contact us! We would be happy to discuss your goals and how we can help.


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