The Next Step Forward
With Service Delivery

Why were networks built anyway? To provide services. With Application Centric Infrastructure, the focus changes from managing networks to delivering applications. Following the trail blazed by all the computer pioneers who have gone before us, it is time to move forward with service delivery. BayInfotech does just that with their offering of Cisco’s ACI platform. This new architectural model automates and unifies the IT infrastructure, while giving managers real-time visibility into all aspects of their network environment.


Changes in application development have outpaced those in networks over the past 30 years. But ACI provides automated control of network infrastructure to streamline and accelerate application deployment across networks. Automation changes everything.


ACI can reduce deployment times from weeks or months to mere minutes. How? It uses the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (Cisco APIC) as a unifying point for the ACI fabric. Centralized policy management is one of the keys to ACI’s success.


Cisco ACI offers superior and predictable network performance. With 5x lower latency, 6x faster throughput, and 2x faster data backups, ACI has demonstrated advantages over software-only SDN solutions. Say good-bye to performance bottlenecks.

For many years now, network engineers have tediously configured boxes individually. ACI does all that with software. It instructs the network infrastructure how to handle traffic -- and it can do it very quickly! One Cisco Live Berlin participant explained how they were able to complete a huge deployment in only ten minutes with Cisco ACI. Partnering with BayInfotech, you can leverage the power of Cisco technologies such as ACI to accelerate your IT and streamline your processes. Contact us today.

Make manual processes a thing of the past. BayInfotech offers Cisco products and solutions to automate your network infrastructure. We are ready and able to assist you with the latest in automation. Contact us! We would be happy to discuss your goals and how we can help.


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